Latest News

2nd May:  Our final wing walker will be joining us all the way from India, Nivedita Bhasin who holds the target as the worlds youngest female to captain an aircraft, among many others. Nivedita is instantly wanted to take part as soon as she discovered our Aerobility mission - "Flying as an Airline Pilot with Air India, for more than three decades, I have had the opportunity to fly different planes, see the World, pursue my hobbies, meet interesting people, and make many wonderful friends. But what is it like, to be someone who shares my dream, but is unable to even walk? Someone who has no legs to wear shoes? Or someone who cannot stand? For my special brothers and sisters around the world, my dream is to make them fly, even if they cannot walk." Find Nivedita's fundraising page here. 

 27th April: We are delighted to announce we Alia Al Twal as out next Aerobility wing walker - "I am a pilot with Royal Jordanian Airlines on the Airbus 320 family . I am also the governor of the Arabian Section of wonderful organization for woman pilots called the Ninety Nines. I am asking your support to come and help me raise money for Aerobility!" A huge thank you to Alia, who has already smashed the £600 target all the way in Jordan. Find Alia's fundraising page here. 

20th Arpil: Jenifer Tye is next on the team, "As an adrenaline junkie, and ALMOST a wing walker back in 2012 (but alas, knee surgery stopped it happening), I couldn't say no to this! Aerobility is such a fantastic cause, and at the same time, the number 1 item on my bucket list will be ticked off!". If you'd like to support Jenifer, please click here

16th April: Please welcome Liz Moscrop to the wing walking team! A journalist turned video company founder - "This is an exciting adventure to promote an exciting charity. One of the many things I'd like to do with this is flag up the fact we need more hand control aircraft in the UK. Come help me support this fabulous charity." You can find the fundraising page for Liz right here!

13th April: Our next wing walker to be announced is Liam Gorman! Liam, who regularly flies in and out of Blackbushe says, "anyone who knows me also knows that I am terrified of heights!" - An excellent reason to consider sponsoring Liam here. 

12th April: Our team from Persimmon homes continue to do a brilliant job with their fundraising efforts, click here to find out more.

15th March: We are delighted to announce a team of three wing walkers from one of our supporters, Persimmon Homes! The team includes Megan Ainsworth-Almond, Susanne Hayter and Zakary Yates. Each member of the team has their own fund raising page, along with a page for the Persimmon Homes Team as a whole (links below). 

Fundraising Links -                   Megan                              Susanne                                Zakary                                Persimmon Wing Walking Team 

Persimmon Homes have been regular supporters of Aerobility since we first met the Thames Valley Managing Director, Martyn Clark over three years ago. Martyn, who flies himself, was quickly able to recognise the value in the services Aerobility provide, which sowed the seed for developing our partnership. It was a pleasure to host the Persimmon Homes Team early last year, so they could experience the facilities first-hand that make Aerobility possible. Since then the team have regularly kept in touch and fundraised on behalf of Aerobility, so it's excellent to have them join us for this exciting event! 

10th March: Joining Viv from Gatwick is fellow Airport Security officer, Samuel Watson - they both hope to see plenty of support from friends, family and colleagues from Gatwick. Find Sam's fundraising page here!

3rd March: All of our places are now filled! Thank you again to everyone who put their names forward - with a number of people in reserve, there definitely looks to be cause for a repeat event next year!

2nd March: Only a few unconfirmed places remain. A massive thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in supporting our charity through this amazing event! The final names are being drawn tomorrow to decide our Aerobility Wing Walking team of fifteen!

1st MarchPlease welcome Helena Vernon to our Wing Walking team! We first officially met Helena at the end of last year when she visited Aerobility with Helios Director, Mike Pearson. Mike had become familiar with our charity from bumping into us over the years at many an aviation event. Yet again, no sooner had we mentioned our hope to arrange a wing walking fundraiser, Helena immediately put herself forward to take part! We are really excited to have Helena on board and know she will do Helios proud. You can find Helena’s fundraising page here - please show your support. 

28th February: Donna Optix is our next official Aerobility Wing Walker! Working for Blink Engineering Services based at Blackbushe Airport, Donna has recently got to know Aerobility as part of the Blackbushe 75th Anniversary Committee. All it took was the mere mention of a chance to wing walk and Donna's name was down! We think it’s fair to say, Donna is one brave lady - already having three skydives under her belt, the first of which was solo! There is no doubt in our mind that Donna will relish every second of this incredible fundraising challenge. Please show support - you'll find Donna's fundraising page here!

24th February: AeroSuperBatics have confirmed they can record your entire wing walk for just £25 each! You will receive the raw footage taken from the go pro video camera on an SD memory card, which will look something like this - CLICK HERE! 

23rd February: Exciting news - Viv Elsworth has stepped up as our first official Aerobility Wingwalker! Viv discovered Aerobility at a local air show last year and we quickly realised we have many things in common. Working at Gatwick as an Airport Security Officer, Viv not only has an interest in aviation, but has also campaigned for improvements in disabled access and undertaken a number of challenges to fund raise in support of charities that work with the disabled community – including a previous wing walk!

Viv will also be volunteering to support Aerobility at an air show later this the year, so has quickly become a great friend of our charity. We are absolutely delighted that Viv has chosen to support Aerobility and will be taking part in our 2017 wing walk – she will definitely be one to watch on the day! Find Viv's fundraising page here!